The Society Award

quaichThe Society Award was instituted in 1999 in memory of Rodney Fry, our late Treasurer. This is to be presented on an exceptional basis, as decided by a small panel of judges chaired by the Chairman of the Committee.

The award is to be given for ‘an outstanding contribution to the Society of Cartographers’. The criterion is deliberately vague enabling us to honour members or non-members who have made an exceptional difference to the work and aims of the Society of Cartographers.

The award is in the form of a certificate and a quaich. The quaich is a centuries old traditional Celtic drinking cup which originated in the Western Highlands of Scotland, reputedly a whisky measure (generous!) it became the traditional toasting cup of welcome or even good wishes upon farewell or parting. It would originally have been made in wood or horn, and later in pewter or silver. The traditional shallow shape with two opposing handles (known familiarly as ears or lugs) has survived for centuries and retains some of the mystique and history of the Celtic era.

The engraved text on the plinth is:

The Society Award for an outstanding contribution to the Society of Cartographers

The Society Award has been presented just five times. In 1999 it was posthumously awarded to Rodney Fry, founder member and long-serving Society Treasurer, followed in 2002 by an award to Steve Chilton, our current Chair and former long-serving Bulletin Editor. In 2008 it was bestowed upon Mike Wood OBE, retiring as president after 17 years splendid support in that role, in 2014 it was awarded to Mike Shand, following 27 years serving the Society in the role of Secretary. It was awarded to Alex Kent in 2015 to thank him for his hard work on the bulletin over the past 8 years. Most recently it was awarded to Danny Dorling, who was stood as Society President for over 10 years.

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