SoC Bulletin notes for contributors

Contributions to the SoC Bulletin, both short and long, are welcomed from both members and non-members of the Society. Any subject matter relating to cartography in its widest interpretation is invited, but articles on techniques and practical cartography are particularly welcome. Information about new products and services is also welcomed. The Bulletin is published annually.

Major articles should in the 4,000-8,000 word range, and should be prefaced by a brief abstract (maximum 100 words), and references should be listed alphabetically by author’s surname at the end of the article. Non-members of the Society should include a short personal biography.

Articles should ideally be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Colour and black and white illustrations (in a suitable hi-res format) should be sized to fit a single (82mm) or double (169mm) column of the Bulletin, and a separate list of figure captions provided.