Newsletter_coverThe Newsletter is produced to keep members up-to-date with issues both within the Society and in the wider cartographic community. To view the latest edition click on the link underneath the page heading. The Newsletter is now only available to members – another compelling reason to become a member of our Society! However to give a flavour this link opens an article extracted from a recent issue, or click on the links below to access freely available previous issues.

All members are invited to contribute items that they may feel are of interest to others. Keep an eye open for details of forthcoming events such as local Workshops or the Annual Summer School.

If you would like to include an item, or indeed have any queries regarding the Newsletter, contact the Newsletter Editor.

Since the November 2003 edition, all Newsletters have been distributed in Adobe pdf format. Should you wish to refer back to them, download links are provided below – they can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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