Ordnance Survey Britain’s national mapping agency, the best place to find a diverse and exciting range of mapping products, digital map data and services. The site is part of the CCTA Government Information Service.
British Geological Survey The British Geological Survey (BGS) is the world’s longest established national geological survey and the UK’s premier centre for earth science information and expertise.
The British Cartographic Society The British Cartographic Society (The B.C.S.) is a dynamic association of individuals and organisations dedicated to exploring and developing the world of maps.
Carto-SOC a listserv (automatic mailer) for the discussion of practical cartography. Much of the discussion concerns computer mapping using desktop machines, though there are no restrictions whatsoever on the topics that may be discussed. Anyone (both members and non-members) is welcome to subscribe to CARTO-SoC.
EDINA Only available for academic use. Census Support provides digitised Census boundary data for Great Britain and the Digimap service gives access to selected OS digital data.
Charles Close Society Founded in 1980, the Charles Close Society’s objective is to bring together all those with any interest in the maps, plans, and related materials of the UK Ordnance Survey (OS), the United Kingdom’s national mapping organisation, and to promote the exchange of information, and encourage and co-ordinate research.
National Statistics Office for National Statistics
Avenza MapPublisher Powerful cartographic software for working with GIS data in Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand.
XYZ Map Company Supply map data and software for GIS users and the Web
The British Library The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s greatest libraries.
Wallpapered Printing customised maps onto wallpaper (official OS partner)
ESRC Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) A useful site for anyone involved in human geography
Canadian Cartographic Association For a Canadian perspective. Many good links.
National Atlas of Canada Online For varied Canadian material. Many good links and maps.
U.S. Geological Survey As the largest water, earth, and biological science and civilian mapping agency in the U.S., the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collects, monitors, analyzes, and provides scientific understanding about natural resource conditions, issues, and problems.
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection A guide to the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at The University of Texas at Austin. Amongst other things, this site has a large collection of GIF images of maps of many cities and areas around the world. It also has a very useful page Map-related sites with links to many other cartographic-related WWW sites.
The Earth Sciences and Map Library of the University of California Berkley Library
University of California, San Diego
The University of California, San Diego Maps and Spatial Data home page.
Europa Information on the European Union
Google Earth Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and Google Search. It allows you to search for an address and zoom right in and tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings.
World Wind World Wind allows the user to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, leveraging high resolution LandSat imagery and SRTM elevation data to experience the Earth in 3D.
1-World Globes and Maps 1-World Globes & Maps is a specialty retailer focused on top-quality maps and globes for the home, office or classroom.
Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe is one of the world’s leading providers of software solutions to create, manage and deliver digital content.
Corel Corporation Corel offers a broad range of software addressing four key market segments: PC graphics, office productivity, digital image editing and natural-media painting and illustration.
ACD Canvas This link will take you straight to the Support centre area of the ACD main WWW site. Links from here to ACD customer service, technical information and software downloads. Search Knowledge Database, Online Support Forums, Support Policy and Contact Information, Software Downloads, Canvas Tips and How-tos, Latest Version Numbers etc. You can join the message forum or sign up for a newsletter
Microsoft Corporation the biggest supplier of software on the planet …
DeLorme Mapping a US-based company specializing in mapping software and databases for the consumer,education, business, and government markets, and also publishes printed atlases of individual states.
EARTHWORKS the world leading on-line database of career opportunities for geographers, remote sensing/GIS staff, environmental scientists, climate/atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, geoscientists, petroleum scientists/engineers, geotechnical engineers and hydrologists/hydrogeologists in the academic, water, upstream oil and gas, civil and mining sectors with particular focus on the UK, North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Africa.
3DNature Designed for professional photorealistic terrain modeling, visualization, rendering and animation.

up-to-date list of all UK Universities and some European and American sites.
TidBITS A free email and Web publication covering the Macintosh Internet community.

Mailing Lists

There are a huge range of Discussion Lists (also known as mailing lists, ListServs or Listprocs). Lists are very easy to use. You send an email message to the Lists’ address – ‘the server’. This then re-sends the message out to everyone who has subscribed to that List. They may reply directly to you, or via the server (this way everyone else also sees the reply). You normally have to have subscribed to the List to send a message (otherwise you won’t see the replies !). To subscribe (or unsubscribe), you have to send a message directly to the server – not to the list itself. Our own CARTO-SoC is an example of such a List.

a listserv (automatic mailer) for the discussion of practical cartography. Much of the discussion concerns computer mapping using desktop machines, though there are no restrictions whatsoever on the topics that may be discussed. You may find this a useful way of communicating with cartographers worldwide, and getting help with a wide range of topics.
To subscribe to CARTO-SoC, send Email to:
with the message:
subscribe carto-soc ‘your full name’
in the body of the mail.
(For instance, if you were called Gerardus Mercator, and wished to subscribe, you would send the message subscribe carto-soc Gerardus Mercator to the address

lis-maps address is now and maps-l is

MAPS-L is an international discussion forum for Map Librarians, other librarians dealing with (or interested in) cartographic information, anyone dealing with cartographic information, cartographers, remote sensors, geographers, and cartomaniacs of all types. To subscribe to MAPS-L, send Email to:LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU with the message: subscribe maps-l ‘your full name’ in the body of the mail.

CARTA is a Discussion Forum for Map Librarians and Archivists in Canada, or for Canadian map-related questions. To subscribe to CARTA, send Email to:MAILSERV@SASK.USASK.CA with the message: subscribe carta ‘your full name’ in the body of the mail.

Lis-Maps is a forum for discussing news, issues, policies and practices related to map and spatial data librarianship. Topics can be broad ranging and include amonst other things information retrieval, relationship to GIS and remote sensing etc. To subscribe to Lis-Maps, send Email to: with the message: Join Lis-Maps ‘your full name’ in the body of the mail.

To subscribe to MAPHIST, send Email to: listserv@harvarda.bitnet
with the message: subscribe MAPHIST in the body of the mail.

The Illustrator List
This list provides a forum for discussion of the Adobe Illustrator application and issues related to its use. To subscribe to ILLSTRTR, the Illustrator List, send Email to: with the message: SUBSCRIBE ILLSTRTR ‘your name’ in the body of the mail.

The Quark list
The Quark List provides help and tips about Quark XPress for both the Macintosh and PC. To subscribe to the Quark List, send Email to:LISTSERV@IUBVM.UCS.INDIANA.EDU with the message: subscribe QUARKXPR ‘your name’ in the body of the mail.

Adobe Photoshop
A List all about Adobe Photoshop. To subscribe to the Photoshop List, send Email to: LISTPROC2@BGU.EDU with the message: subscribe PHOTSHOP ‘your name’ in the body of the mail. Beware of the spelling when subscribing !


Digests are similar to Lists, except that replies are saved and sent back as a block. This is usually because many posts are sent each day.

The Info-Mac Digests
The Info-Mac digests are a collection of posts relating to anything in the Macintosh world. There is an associated FTP site which has the world’s biggest collection of Macintosh shareware. Info-Mac is a very useful source of help and information for any Macintosh problem.